EDPR has been in the French market since 2005 after acquiring a major wind farm project portfolio.

Its operations in southern France are managed from its offices in Millau, in the Aveyron region. As a leading operator in the French market, EDPR France operates a total of 376 MW.

EDPR is a member of France Energie Eolienne

Bourgogne – 22 MW | Bretagne – 80 MW | Centre – 105 MW | Picardie – 50 MW | Champagne-Ardenne – 20 MW | Normandie – 45 MW | Midi-Pyrènées – 36 MW | Languedoc-Roussillon – 12 MW | Haute-Normandie – 6 MW

Key Data 1H 2016

Installed Capacity

376 MW

Under construction

12 MW

Production GWh


Load factor


Market Share (2015)


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EDPR 2013 EMS grievance form EN

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